About Me!

Hi, I'm Avery, I'm a 20 year old guy from Ohio. Coding is hard, but I do my best! Welcome to my About.

You can email me at hareryuuu@gmail.com about literally anything you want, that's my dedicated email for Neocities contact. I like making friends and meeting people!

This page is being updated from the May 20th 2020 version to hopefully be more straightforward. It was done in a hurry due to me slapping the site together again because of DeviantArt's site update, so I didn't think very hard about what all I put down.


This site was made originally because my friend Chris made a website here on Neocities and I thought it'd be fun to try and code my own. The site got occasional overhauls throughout 2019 however mostly sat barren because my HTML skills were lacking and I didn't have a dire need for a webpage.

However, the modern incarnation is here now! This is mostly just something fun for me to develop as well as show off my stuff on. The Neocities community is great once you understand how to actually navigate it so I feel motivated to improve my site for others! It generally exists to host things I need hosted as well as my creative stuff. Its coding may be lackluster but I do my best.


I'm your average autism and ADHD having insomniac with enough panic inducing anxiety to power a small factory. I love my friends, hate my dad and get too invested in just about everything that isn't outright malicious.

Outside of that though, I'm an artist and musician who also writes very rarely! I studied Japanese throughout highschool and am decent at it I think. I write songs in English and Japanese and use vocal synthesizers like VOCALOID to make my stuff along with whatever DAW I'm using at present.

Because I'm disabled, I cannot read, which makes it tough for me to code but here we are! If anything on my site ever looks weird, it's almost definitely because I messed up the code somewhere because of it.


-Vocaloid (Software Use + Canon)


-Animal Crossing
-Danganronpa (1+2)
-Persona 2
-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
-Square Enix (FFVII + FFX + KH)
-Video Games (Ask!)
-Yakuza Series

Thanks for checking out this page! Hopefully it's better than the last one.