My Stories!

I have multiple original and shared stories, so I figured I'd have a page for synopsys for them! Toyhouse character pages for some cast members aren't publicly available, but that's because they don't belong to me, so there's not much I can do about it! Stories are sorted alphabetically by title.

Art School Story (Personal)

Lanie, Saki, Sara, Valyn
Genre: Slice of Life
This isn't a super deep story, it's set in an Art, Graphic Design and Media school in the forests of West Virginia. It's more of an excuse to group those characters together, but it's fun! Lanie was originally a D&D character, hence the look.

Crime @ Valiente (Shared)

Allister, Azul, Bridgette, Johann, Perseus, Kyan, Yuka
Genre: Fantasy, Murder Mystery
A school story about a popular guy with a dark secret, the outcast who conspires to out him and all the drama that comes with that. This is probably my most serious story in terms of tone but me and my collaborator almost exclusively joke about it and make memes. The bios of my characters don't hint to this story but it is very real and surprisingly developed.

Currently Untitled Cyberpunk Story (Personal)

Genre: Cyberpunk, Slice of Life
This one's brand new so it's a big WIP, basically it's a happy-go-lucky robot and a tired vet vibing, hijinks ensue. The vet isn't designed yet but her name is Randy!

Roadbots (Shared)

Izzy, Mac08, Cassandra, Stella, Dawn
Genre: Road Trip, Slice of Life
A wacky children's road trip movie style story about the power of friendship and sisterhood, Izzy and Mac are the stars but everyone else is also important! It also features Cass' boyfriend, a human, but he's not designed or named yet.

Yuujou!! (Shared)

Eri, Harley, Mie, Momo, Neo, Tera, Aiari, Nui, Nancy, Nile, Miyu
Genre: Slice of Life
A slice of life story about a bunch of loser nerds, everyone's generally pulled together by Nui but there are smaller stories and dynamics that go on in this one story! Notably: Aiari and Mie's rivalry, Eri Nile and Nui's friendship, the Japanese studying squad with Harley and Aiari that's spearheaded by Tera, and many more! The basic idea is that they all like playing games at Neo's games store and stay together as a group because of Nui. There's a lot to get into with this one. ^^