My VOCALOIDs (and 1 SynthV)!

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Nekomura Iroha v4 Natural

Nekomura Iroha | Obtained: April 25, 2018 | Playlist
Iroha was my first Japanese Vocaloid and she's very special to me! She's 1/2 the protagonists of my shared Vocaloid canon, I used to run an askblog for her and everything. I love her Hello Kitty motifs and I think her origin story is really cute. I typically release songs for Iroha on her v4 anniversary (June 18), I headcanon her as transgender and I think it's perfect that she came out right in the middle of June so that's the anni I post on.
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Maika | Obtained: June 10, 2018 | Playlist
MAIKA IS LITERALLY MY QUEEN OK... I love her so much she's literally so good oh my god. Once you know how to use her you can get some amazing English out of her. I was considering either her or Cyber Songman and like I love Cyman but I'm so glad I got Maika instead. She sounds beautiful and her design is A Lot but like it's good. Not to have bias but she's my favorite English capable synth I own hands down.
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sf-a2 Miki v4 Natural

Miki | Obtained: August 8, 2018 | Playlist
I got Miki on sale for about $40 and god is she worth it. Lil busted robot 💔 she deserves so much more from me I'm sorry Miki... despite the fact that she's technically like. not a nightmare... ok so Miki's extended 'a' sounds go off pitch and like it's really bad but she's trying. BUT she's really cute and if she's not your first I absolutely recommend her, she deserves so much like love and attention.
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Rana v4

Rana | Obtained: October 22, 2018 | Playlist
Rana was a gift! She was given to me and like... :sob: she's so cute ok. I'm working on a song for this circle's Rana album as of writing! I love her rainbow aesthetics and her voice is really cute and I love all her lil animal companions... I'm super thankful I have her even though I also need to use her more for sure.
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Avanna | Obtained: November 22, 2018 | Playlist
Avanna was also a gift sorta, she's really good and Yamaha sucks for making Zero-G get rid of her elf ears (Yamaha sucks in general). Before I got Gumi she was my go-to for making English VSQXs bc her voice is soft but really nice and clear! Also in my canon she's Iroha's cool foreign trans aunt (LOL through like, being the wife of Gumi who's Iroha's mom's friend).
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Meiko | Obtained: December 25, 2018 | Playlist
Meiko was a Christmas present, and my only physical Vocaloid! I like her a lot, her Japanese vbs are all really good and like she's pretty lol... I'm glad she has a dedicated fanbase even if it's small relative to other Cryptonloids. Absolute queen being the first Japanese lady Vocaloid o_o .
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Megpoid v4 Complete + Megpoid English (GUMI)

Gumi | Obtained: February 4, 2021 (ENG Feb 22 '21) | Playlist
Gumi was my favorite Vocaloid for years before I found Iroha and it's still so surreal to me that I own all her most recent voicebanks now, I got them at a discount (she'd been inaccessible at full price) which enabled me to buy her! Her and Avanna are my rair pair, v3 Sweet / Power is her best design (I'm right) and I want to get her nendoroid soon too because she's really cute. I actually like Gumi's fashion a lot (apparently it's unpopular?) and having a background in using Maika means that all her v3 eng technical flaws are easily fixed so... good lol.
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v4 flower

Flower | Obtained: April 15, 2021 | No Playlist Yet!
OK so I just got Flower but. I have feelings ok... I really wanna see more usage of Flower in her lower range so... I will do that LOL. I haven't done anything with her yet but like. This Vocaloid is gnc af LOL And later this year I have plans to get her gf in our canon, Xinhua, so that's exciting. Cute gay Flower content here we come and also Eve covers because cmon.
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Genbu | Obtained: December 26, 2020 | Playlist
Oh Genbu... my only (paid) guy synth! I originally made a song with his freeware version but then I got paid Genbu for Christmas so 😳 . Listen. He's good. SynthV's UI? Not for me. Genbu though?? So what I do is VSQx + tune in VOCALOID and then SynthV has an import option so I do that and bam Genbu time baby ✌️. But yea it's like oh my god an actual Guy those are so rare in vosynths which honestly? Criminal.
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