Japanese Media

CDs, Anime and Manga I own!

Vocaloid Stuff

I have little enough Vocaloid media that I just put it all together. Includes Magical Mirai Concert Album 2017~2020, Magical Mirai 2016 Concert Blu-ray and Project Mirai for 3Ds.

Japanese Language Manga

My collection of manga that's in Japanese.

"Vampire" by Tezuka Osamu, "Asari-Chan" by Muroyama Mayumi, "Wild Life" by Fujisaki Masato, "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" by Takeuchi Naoko
"Gallery Fake" by Hosono Fujihiko, "The Kindaichi Case Files" by Yozaburo Kanari

English Language Manga

My collection of manga that's in English.

"Honey Hunt" by Ahara Miki
"CLAMP School Detectives" by CLAMP, "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney" by Kuroda Kenji

Yu-Gi-Oh Manga

All my Yu-Gi-Oh manga by Takahashi Kazuki. Includes vol. 1 in Taiwanese and vol. 6, Duelist vol. 4 and vol. 22 in English!

Anime + Movies

My collection of anime / anime films. Includes Cardcaptors the Movie, K-ON! Season 1 vol. 2, Cowboy Bebop and Paranoia Agent the Complete Series and Lupin III The First